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Ripple Paper Cup Triple Wall Bio Hot Cup (237ml/8oz) Black 500 pieces

Ripple Paper Cup Triple Wall Bio Hot Cup (237ml/8oz) Black 500 pieces

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Type Ripple cup
brand  Renew packs
food packaging size name ml 8oz - 237ml 
colour Black
eco properties 1 Recyclable
hot or cold drinks Hot Drink
cup size 237ml - 8oz 
material Paper or Cardboard
pack quantity 500
Sause liquid resistant Leakproof

Triple Wall


Are triple-walled cups recyclable or compostable?

Like most disposable coffee cups on the market these ripple cups are PE lined. In recent years the UK facilities to handle the end of life of PE lined paper cups have been innovative and some UK waste providers now offer recycling of PE lined paper cups, which is great news for the environment!

This does not mean they are widely recycled which would be they can go through a standard cardboard recycling process without intervention. If you are looking for a paper cup which has the ability to go into standard cardboard recycling we recommend buying our Renewpacks which is a recyclable and compostable paper cup or 100% Recyclable Cups which are recyclable only.

Do ripple cups come with sip-through lids?

No. All coffee cups have lids available but are sold separately. Under 'Compatible Products' you will see the relevant lid suitable to the size you have selected making it super easy! The lids are available in black or white and our paper cups are produced to fit with our lids making them a perfectly secure fit.

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